Soul Café

Let each morn be better than its eve and each morrow richer than its yesterday.


Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


The Soul Café is a place where people of different spiritual beliefs can come together to explore spiritual reality through the wisdom of the World Religions and philosophers. It gives time each week to consult and reflect with others on how to apply these spiritual teachings to one’s life and how to be of service to humanity. It is a space where love and fellowship are nurtured and where everyone can feel safe to contribute their ideas in order to gain a deeper understanding of the purpose of this physical existence. The golden thread of unity between all the world religions glows brightly in the various themes that are delved into.

The constant cultivation of our souls to develop those innate qualities of love, faith, courage, compassion, trustworthiness and honesty, to mention but a few of the virtues, prepares the soul for life after this world and readies it to embark on its continued spiritual journey towards perfection. This development is the foundation of human happiness and social progress.

You are invited to join in an exploration of spiritual reality through the sacred Writings of the Divine Educators of humanity and well-known philosophers of the world.

The Soul Café themes are available for download.


If you start your own Soul Café in your neighborhood or online using the themes, I would love to hear about it. New themes will be added to the website regularly. Soul Café is now being held online through Zoom.

If you would like to attend the Soul Café,
please contact Darcee Brown at 250-248-8986
or email

We always have delightful and very uplifting conversations.


Adversity zm.pdf
Excellence zm.pdf
Honor Zoom.pdf
Joy zoom.pdf
Mercy zm.pdf
Perseverance zm.pdf
Responsibility zm.pdf
Transformation zm.pdf
Unity in Diversity zm.pdf
Character zm.pdf
Faith zm.pdf
Hope zm.pdf
Justice zm.pdf
Moderation zm.pdf
Prayer zm.pdf
Self-discipline zm.pdf
True Wealth zm.pdf
Wisdom zm.pdf
Charity zm.pdf
Creativity zm.pdf
Forgiveness zm.pdf
Humilty zm.pdf
Kindness zm.pdf
Music zm.pdf
Purity of Heart zm.pdf
Selfless zm.pdf
Trustworthiness zm.pdf
Word of God zm.pdf
Fortitude zm.pdf
Immortal Soul zm.pdf
Love zm.pdf
Nature zm.pdf
Relationships zm.pdf
Service to Humanity zm.pdf
Truth zm.pdf
Generosity zm.pdf
Independent Investigation Zm.pdf
Loyalty zm.pdf
Patience zm.pdf
Reliability zm.pdf
Speech zm.pdf
Truthfulness zm.pdf
Contentment zm.pdf
Enthusiasm zm.pdf
Gratitude zm.pdf
Integrity zm.pdf
Meditation zm.pdf
Peace zm.pdf
Respect zm.pdf
Suffering zm.pdf
Unity zm.pdf

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